Land. People. Resources. Stories. Our lives are shaped by our physical and cultural environments. And we, in turn, influence — and depend on — the environments in which we live, play and work.

radicle embraces people and their stories, their lifestyles and the myriad ways they connect to place. Through innovative and ecologically regenerative design, we offer landscape design and implementation services that weave science with art, intuition with experience.

Whether rural or urban, residential or commercial, large or small-scale, we work to reveal the authenticity present in people and the land. Using classic materials — wood, steel, stone and water — combined with a diverse native and edible plant palette, radicle marries fresh interpretations with steadfast ecological practices such as wastewater reuse and water harvesting. We delight in celebrating that which is undervalued, discarded, wasted or taken for granted.

From federally funded regenerative projects in riparian and agricultural areas, to residential edible gardens, to iterative, educational projects for nonprofits, radicle is engaged in ecological regeneration, coupled with the resilient, robust human-nature connection that informs all of our work.