Tewa Women United: Healing Foods Oasis


We are honored to be a part of this ethnobotanic medicinal and edible public demonstration garden on slope between Española City Hall and adjacent Valdez Park. Includes native tree, shrub, grass, perennial and edible species, heirloom fruit trees, benches, shade structures, walkways, passive water harvesting, berms and swales and erosion control.

Beata the beautiful

Beata Tsosie-Pena of Tewa Women United. Her vision coming to life!

More hands and shovels

Many hands. Planting, mulching, tending.

Planting Day1

First planting day spring 2016.

Water harvested in swales

Swales collect and direct water to plant roots while preventing soil erosion.

Soil Water Plants Life

Necessary hydration.


Volunteer learning and work day.


Many hands coming together to plant. Spring 2016.