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Product Description

radicle Soil Tonic: Soil tonic is intended to do that by a process we call: DETOX – REBOOT – REGENER­ATE

These processes affect the five component parts of living soil:Biology, Chemistry, Moisture, Structure, & Energy.

Biology – The Microorganisms or “bugs” in Soil Tonic are a consortium of microbes. The consortium has unique properties where its behavior is different from the behavior of its individual species. The consortium acts to break down and consume many toxins. A documented example is the consumption of dioxins in soil. It also acts as an organizing force that regulates the general metabolism and microbial balance. The consortium has many species but the keystone species is photosynthetic bacteria (aka PNSBs). These “bugs” are among the oldest organisms on Earth. They can make their food with photosynthesis like a plant. After a good meal, their poop is food for other microbes . This creates a co-metabolic process with other bugs such as lactic bacteria and yeasts. The shared metabolic products brings all of the microbes into balance so that all are fed and prosper. This entity supports the biology of the soil – food – web for the benefit of all.

Chemistry – The rebooted healthy web will find and create nutrients in the soil. Many of our soils are dry and burned (oxidized) by the sun. They are also young soils with a fair amount of minerals needed by the soil food web and by plants. Soil Tonic helps to reverse soil oxidation and enhances a balanced cycle of nutrients and pH.

Moisture – is the scarcest resource in dry climates. Adequate moisture carries and activates the biology and chemistry. Soil Tonic improves the soil structure allowing water to absorb and move freely so that less water sup­ports more life. An active soil biology recycles water many times. Several studies show that this microbial prod­uct increases drought resistance.

Structure – of soils is based on the minerals and particles. Living soils are open so that the soil actually breathes. Healthy soil is 50% void space for the movement of air and water. This living soil is less susceptible to erosion and compaction. Soil tonic helps restore life in the soil which improves structure. Energy-Carbon is the energy source of virtually all life. All carbon is downloaded from the atmosphere by pho­tosynthesis. This stored carbon is generally supplied to the soil food web by the secretions of plant roots. A healthy soil recycles this labile carbon. When organic matter is completely broken down humic materials remain. This recalcitrant carbon is removed from the atmosphere for long term storage. The key to the process is a soil that is alive with microorganisms.

Soil Tonic is not a replacement for soil testing, mineral balancing, and adequate moisture. As any other tonic, it is a supplement that enhances the use of other products. With occasional treatments of Soil Tonic and a balance of minerals and micronutrients, we can have food, fiber, fuel, habitat, microclimates, resiliency and beauty.

Application rates

House Plants: 1 cap / 2 gallon water Gardens: 1 /2 Cup/ 10 gallon water

(4 times per season) Soil Inoculation: 1/2 Cup + 1/2 Cup blackstrap molasses + 20 gallon water (repeat as needed)

32 oz container


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