We love designing custom features for outdoor living spaces. Features that are beautiful and functional, adding a particular unique element in order to celebrate the identity of the place and people. These are some of many custom details we have included in our projects. Wood, steel, stone – bring a foundation of integrity to our work.

Bird Gate

Two Birds Gate celebrates two little girls who live here. Gate provides lovely transition between driveway and parking area into front entrance edible garden.

Little Stool

Perfect little stool for perfect little children’s bodies. Sweetly situated at child-scale table for outdoor games, eating, drawing and visiting.


Little table for little bodies. Easily movable to that perfect garden spot – fairies love these too!


Whimsical garden gate entrance provides playful, unique transition from asphalt driveway and parking area into edible garden front entrance.


Local juniper honed into artful arc for pergola shade.


A small,simple greenhouse provides year-round growing options.


Small greenhouse extending off kitchen.


Local wood herringbone portal. Lovely.

Neighborhood gate

Siberian Elm wood scraps artfully arranged as rustic gate providing threshold between Santa Fe River trail and adjacent neighborhood.

Elm gate
Gate handle

Steel and wood for courtyard gate. A nice contrasting complement to surrounding stucco.

Custom gate
Branch gate

Branching “window” provides glimpses of edible landscape beyond and interesting light and shadows cast on intersecting walkways.


Steel and cable as trellis support for grapes to grow up south-facing stucco wall.


Steel and galvanized cable as “living fence” trellis support for grapes to be planted during next installation phase.