Repurposed + Enlivened


What a privilege to work with Steve and Susan to update the look and function of outdoor living spaces at their Los Alamos home!

We enjoyed collaborating with them to repurpose remnant redwood from the house as inspired by their fireplace. The wood was finished and cut by Steve who also assisted myself and local artist, Fordon James, in assembling and installing the two accent screens.

Locally quarried stone, native grass and groundcover species and passive water harvesting work together for a functional, living system.


The garage: workshop for finishing wood, drilling holes for hardware and assembling wood on custom fabricated steel frame.


The fireplace: Inspiration for a fresh take on redwood as outdoor accent screens.


The house facade with garage and breezeway entrance towards front door and porch.


Hardware treated with rust resistant finish. Utilized in both screens for visual interest and industrial look and feel.


Front entrance screen near front door. Simple point of visual punctuation – a cue to see what’s beyond differently and welcome invitation to the home.


Front entrance screen up close.


Garage-breezeway entrance welcome and visual point of interest from east walkway.


Garage screen up close.


Steve and Susan. Delightful to work with through every phase of design and installation – thank you!


Rectilinear, locally quarried stepping stone pathway with native grass and groundcover plantings. Pumice wick collecting roof water runoff and directing moisture to plant roots designed and installed by Doug Pushard of Harvest H2O.