A Feminine Land Ethic

Click below to view the February 2019 feature article "HUNTRESS" in Landscape Architecture Magazine:

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radicle body: Seeing the feminine anew

What do the female body and earth body share? How are they seen? Valued? De-valued?

Worn Rows

My mother made this quilt. She took piles of old work clothes – my Levi's, Carhartts, Wranglers, shirts and pants that knelt and toiled with me in many gardens – and cut them into rows. They're agricultural rows, strips of seeds sown, weeds pulled, bounties harvested and shared. I dedicate my work to the lineage of women before me – Beaulah, Eva, Geraldine, Irma Ruth and Marsha Ruth – on whose backs and in whose hands I've grown, to the future generations of Olivia Pearl and beyond…and to the hoofed and feathered, rooted and wild.

Presentation + Teaching Topics include: Feminine Land Ethic; Hunt + Harvest as Design Inspiration; Whole Systems Design

Water, soil, seed, animal. How can we RECIPROCATE?

Eating is our most intimate act. What we take into our mouths, our bodies connects us to each other, to place on cellular and soul-full levels.

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Learning Landscape

Awarded the 2012 City of Santa Fe Sustainable Award for Water Conservation, our work at the 85-acre Academy for the Love of Learning includes landform grading that slows erosion and harvests surface water runoff, gray and black water purification systems, a 55,000-gallon capacity rainwater harvesting system, and an heirloom orchard with native plantings.

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Synco-PLAY: Flexible Function, Artful Living

A residential yard on the Santa Fe River Corridor is transformed through modern, playful and spacious design with native species and edible beds. A custom storage shed does double duty as fencing; a living grape vine fence creates a soft, natural border.

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An ornamental landscape becomes an agri-residential space using edibles and a “living” sprouted straw bale fence. Painted letters correspond to timing of seed germination, creating a visual invitation to engage with the landscape.

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Food Justice: It’s in Our Roots. Nourishing Ourselves, Nourishing Life

Workshop by Christie Green with DeVargas Middle School students at SFAI.


A New Way of Seeing

"I'm interested in sparking a new way of seeing and experiencing the everyday with food as medium. Hopefully this will catalyze connection to and caring for life. And beauty."

Immigrant - by Susan Hertel

I am a dog person, a horse person, a hawk person, a hill person

but I am not a person of the people tribe.

I am an immigrant among the animals.

We communicate imperfectly.

Still, I am welcome.

I know the language of the people tribe.

It hurts.

I know the customs and ways

but I have become an exile.

I will live as a foreigner

among the animals.

Maybe God will find me there.